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Florinca Forever

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A wide assortment of colours is available

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Florinca Forever is produced and available on all continents (except Antarctica)

About Florinca Forever

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Florinca Forever is a product of Alstroemeria breeder Könst Alstroemeria. We have been breeding Alstroemeria since the 1970's and have made great improvements in the quality of Alstroemeria. In the past there have always been spray type Alstroemeria's. In 2012, however, there was finally a line of high quality varieties suitable for the market. Könst Paradiso© was the first to emerge. Soon after more colours started to appear such as the red Könst Dynamite© and the yellow Könst Fireflies©.

Qualities of Florinca Forever



No Pollen

Florinca Forever varieties produce no pollen. It is a odorless flower and there is no stamen to dirty your clothes!


Long vaselife

The vaselife of Florinca Forever varieties is double that of regular Alstroemeria. From the shops the vaselife is 2-3 weeks!


No dropped petals

The long vaselife does not have an effect on dropped petals. Even the lower flowers stay beautiful untill the end of the vaselife.


Current range of Florinca varieties


Novelties and shows

  • 21st
  • February 2020

Arcadia at Onno Dobbe

Onno Dobbe Alstroemeria, located in Ter Aar, The Netherlands, is exclusively producing the new Florinca 'Arcadia'. The flowers are available at the auction in Aalsmeer.

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  • 25th
  • April 2019

Cherry in production!

25 April | 08:30

Cherry is one of the latest varieties in our assortment. This unique colour will be produced by Together2Grow in the Netherlands. Production will start in week 19...

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  • 22nd
  • February 2019

New website

22 February 2019 | 12:00

Our new website for Florinca Forever is live! Check this website regularly or subscribe to our newsletter to follow the latest news and introduction regarding the Spray Alstroemerias from Könst...

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